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Scott Thornbury’s Homepage – containing a wide range of resources

One Stop English – a rich set of resources for English language
teachers – although you need to subscribe for full access

BBC Learning English –contains a wide range of up-to-date free resources

BBC Teaching English – excellent site for language teachers, including
easily accessible articles on language and methodology issues with
examples of classroom practice (registration is free)

Humanising Language Teaching – a free online journal from Pilgrims –
with a focus on alternative / humanistic approaches associated with
Mario Rinvolucri (its founder)

Phonemic Chart – an interactive site helping you to learn / review the
phonemic symbols

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Costas Gabrielatos’ Homepage – if you scroll down, you’ll find a range
of articles and presentations on a range of ELT issues from this
former DELTA tutor (now an MA tutor at Lancaster Uni in the UK)

Linguistic Funland – a collection of links to language learning and
teaching sites – the link below is the methodology section

English Raven – a collection of free resources for teaching younger

Phil’s EFL Support – a pretty-well organised collection of links to
methodology and language resources

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