Job Opportunities

TEFL Jobs at Home and Abroad

The J-TEFL can lead to many opportunities teaching juniors both in Ireland or further afield. There are many ACELS-approved schools in Dublin alone and many more elsewhere in Ireland. International summer camps also run in several countries across Europe and in the USA. Teachers who can also run art / drama / sport sessions often have an advantage.

Below are some useful links to begin job-hunting:


–          ACELS Schools in Dublin

A list of ACELS-approved schools in Dublin along with contact details and links to their webpages.

–          ACELS Schools, Ireland

A list of ACELS-approved schools all over Ireland along with contact details and links to the relevant webpages.

–          International House Dublin / Cork, Junior Summer English Language Programmes

Information about Junior Summer EFL Programmes offered by International House Dublin / Cork.

–          The Language In Group Vacancies

Information about Summer Programmes (Dublin, Cork, Totnes) along with Job Descriptions of the Positions available.

–          Emerald Cultural Institute Junior Courses

Information about Summer Programmes for Juniors in both Ireland and the USA. Includes specialised Leinster Rugby Camps, English Plus Tennis Programmes, English Plus Horse Riding Programmes and AC Milan Soccer Camps

–          Working at Swan Training Institute

Description of what is required from a teacher employed by Swan Training Institute Dublin


–          Dave’s ESL Cafe International Job Board

List of jobs available all over the world. Website also includes “Idea Cookbook” for teachers.


Sign up to this website to get e-mail alerts of jobs available in selected countries.


Teach for one academic year in a Spanish private school.

Happy searching!

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