All course materials will be provided.

Recommended TEFL methodology reading: (any one of the following)

‘The CELTA Course’ (trainee book) S. Thornbury & P. Watkins, C.U.P. 2007

‘The Practice of English Language Teaching'(new ed) Jeremy Harmer, Longman (1991)

‘Teaching Practice Handbook’ (new ed) R.Gower, D.Philips, S.Walters, Heinemann (1995)

‘A Course in Language Teaching’ P.Ur, C.U.P. (1996)

‘A Training Course for TEFL’ Hubbard, Jones, Thornton, Wheeler, O.U.P. (1994)

‘Source Book for TEFL’ M.Lewis & J.Hill, Heinemann (1993)

‘Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching’ Richards & Rogers, C.U.P. (2003)

‘Trainining Foreign Language Teachers’ M.J.Wallace, C.U.P. (1991)

‘Teach English – Trainer’s Handbook’ A.Dorf, C.U.P. (1988)

‘Teaching Children English’ D.Vale & A.Feunteun, C.U.P. (1995)

‘Young Learners’ S.Philips & A.Maley, O.U.P. (1993)

‘Teaching Languages to Young Learners’ Lynn Cameron, C.U.P. (2001)


‘Practical English Usage’ Michael Swan, O.U.P. (2005)

‘English Grammar in Use’ Raymond Murphy, C.U.P.

‘Intermediate Language Practice’ Michael Vince, Macmillan

‘How English Works’ M Swan & C. Walter, O.U.P. (2001)

‘English Vocabulary Organiser’ Chris Gough, LTP 2000

‘Discussion A-Z’ Adrian Walwork, C.U.P. (1996)

‘Instant Discussions’ R.Macandrew & R. Martinez, LTP (2003)

‘Vocabulary Games’ (Elementary – Advanced) Jill Hadfield, Longman (1999)

‘Grammar Games’ (Elementary – Advanced) Jill Hadfield, Longman (2003)

‘Grammar Games & Activities- 1’ (multilevel) Longman/Penguin (2001)

‘Vocabulary Games & Activities- 2′ (multilevel) Longman/Penguin (2001)

Communication Games’ (Elementary – Advanced) Jill Hadfield, Nelson/Longman (Amazon UK)