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ACELS Preparatory Certificate in ELT


 2019 Course dates 

spring part time: 

February – March, dates TBC, St/ Pat’s (DCU) Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings                                                                     

Contact us at for an application form.

TEFL Training International (TTI) are pleased to offer a short TEFL certificate course for state qualified teachers. This 40-hour (30 hours face-to-face input sessions and 10 hours guided assignment) course prepares participants to teach EFL to juniors (secondary-level) in recognised schools in Ireland, UK and international schools abroad as well as EAL/English language support in state schools.

Entry onto this course is restricted to those who are studying for a PME, B.Ed., BA Ed.,/PGCE and graduates. Applicants who do not primary or secondary teacher trainees or graduates requirement will not be granted access to the course.

The application form must be accompanied by one of the following documents as appropriate:

  1. Copy of B.Ed./PME (teaching qualification) certificates/parchment.
  2. Letter from conferring institution attesting that course of study has been completed and that results / certificate are pending.
  3. An official signed headed letter from the conferring institution attesting that the candidate is undertaking the PME/B.Ed. etc..

Course qualification:

This course enfranchises graduates to teach EFL to juniors only in ACELS recognised EFL schools. This course does not enfranchise graduates to teach EFL to adults, however it is possible to gain full credit for the course modules as RPL against our TESOL Cert (level 7 equivalent, teaching adults cert). The certificate also qualifies graduates to teach EAL/English language support in state schools.

Course assessment:

Participants are required to have attended 95% of the input sessions, complete all course assignments and further to the ‘course’ components complete the supervised teaching component (STC) within 36 months. Under certain circumstances and at the discretion of the course director, participants may be allowed to make up for unattended sessions on later courses.

Assignments (breakdown of grading):

There are five assignments: a grammar presentation plan; a 90-min lesson plan; a reading comprehension activity; a speaking activity; and an end-of-course quiz assignment. All assignments carry equal weighting for the final grade. TTI assign a final grade: Pass; Approved; Merit and Distinction.

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The Supervised Teaching Component (STC):

Upon successful completion of the above course components participants will be issued with a certificate, however graduates should be aware that they are required to undertake and pass a supervised teaching component (STC) in order to complete the qualification. This STC must be completed within three years of completing the first part of the course with the recognised course provider, i.e. the date that your final assignment has been approved. The STC normally takes place in the candidate’s first teaching post in a recognised school/institution. The recognised school/institution is required to provide direction, monitoring and evaluation of the teacher’s performance by their DOS/principal/senior ELT professional who will complete, sign, stamp and return the STC form to the teacher. The preparatory certificate in ELT (SQT) will not be deemed to be complete until this STC component has been completed, and if the three year window for the STC expires the certificate will be deemed null and void.

Course formats:

The extensive/part-time course is delivered two evenings a week over five weeks, while the intensive/full-time course is delivered over five consecutive days.


Dublin courses are typically held at St Pat’s (DCU School of Education) Drumcondra, D.9. TTI offer courses nationwide according to demand.


All course materials in both soft and hard copy format will be provided by TTI. Participants need only bring pen and paper to input sessions,

Course content:

TEFL Theory

  • Teaching methodologies/approaches
  • Language awareness(grammar, lexis, skills)
  • Students profiles: needs assessment, the Irish cultural aspect, support services, summer junior EFL schools. Most course materials will fall within the A2 – B2 level range. Much of the materials will reflect the ‘junior’ summer short course context however other more ‘generic’ ETL materials will also be provided.

With respect to the ‘Irish’ context of the course, specifically ‘Irish’ textbooks will be examined in the materials evaluation sessions –  ‘The Irish Culture Book’ series; ‘Exploring Ireland’ & ‘Learning English in Ireland’ – in addition the trainers (who are all experienced in the Irish summer short course context) will provide anecdotal input into the typical Irish summer school experience from a curricular and an extra-curricular perspective.

TEFL Practice

  • Teaching grammar
  • Lexis/vocabulary
  • Skills: (a)Speaking; (b)Listening; (c)Reading; (d)Writing
  • Monitoring, recycling & revision, assessment & testing (Trinity ESOL and TIE Exams)
  • Error correction
  • Materials evaluation/selection/adaptation, ‘realia’
  • Games, drama – role-plays/simulations, songs, using the internet for resources
  • Lesson planning and learning objectives
  • Phonetics, teaching pronunciation
  • Classroom management

End of course assignment. This assignment examines all aspects of the input sessions.